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A decision I made a short time ago is looking to have been a smart one:  to cut down on the random and scattered nature of my artistic output-- it's tough when you like everything-- I decided that:

Anything Worth Doing at All is Worth Doing at Least Three Times.

I'd just made a pariody knockoff of The Godspell theatre poster.  One of my favorite clients is British playwright Michael Starr so I thought a little practice/study of a really iconic theatre poster was a good idea.  Plus I like the word "gobsmack" and this seemed like a good place to use it.

Once done however, the poster just sat there looking lonely and out of place on my Deviantart page, so I came up with the Rule of Threes for myself, and "forced" myself to make two more posters.  Now they make a pretty set.  But while I enjoyed drawing them, it dawned on me during the time that what I really wanted to be doing was a knock off comic book cover.  Comics are my real passion, but like I said, I'm easily distracted by other stuff.

Once the first was done however, I was trapped-- two more Kaila the Wolfgirl (a character of my own) comic covers, blatantly based on Marvel Comics 70's Conan the Barbarian covers, are on the way.  And boy am I having fun.

But...  now it dawns on me-- to keep with my Three's Rule, I have to come up with TWO MORE RULES.  Help!
Visit British Playwright Michael Starr's Facebook page here for a chance to win a free copy of his play collection "100"-- with a cover by myself.…

He's also made a great video trailer for the book. 

The German translation of my cyber-security children's book SCADA and ME is out. It's an introduction to the concept of protecting power grids, water treatment and manufacturing plants from hackers-- simple enough so even children or management can understand it!…

You can find the English version at…

And here's the Spanish version!…

A follow-up book is in the works!

The biggie for me is I've gotten an eight page comic story written and pencilled.  It's a personal work called "The Astral Thief", and I'll be posting the complete story here sometime this year!

Also going on:

More beer labels for Baker Brewing-- Chocolate Milk Stout is up next. Yumm! 

Another theatre poster for Michael Starr, British Playwright.  This will be my fifth collaboration with Michael and his touring company "The Fringe Files".… and

The German translation of my cyber-security children's book SCADA and ME. The book has been a hit in the cyber-security industry, dumbing down the concept of protecting power grids, water treatment and manufacturing plants so even children or management can understand it! You can find the English version at…


Thanks for checking in-- hope I'll have more news next month.



The Spanish version of my cyber-security children's book SCADA and ME is out!  The book has been a hit in the cyber-security industry, dumbing down the concept of protecting power grids, water treatment and manufacturing plants so that even children or managers can understand it. 

Written by U.S Air Force Cyberspace Operations Officer Robert M. Lee and published by IT-Harvest Press, the book is 26 pages long and told in an engaging comic book style. 

You can find the English version here at…

SCADA and Me serves as an introduction to this vital but obscure topic, and I hope to do much more work in the field of educational comics! 

Didn't really think of it until just now, but my two latest commercial illustration jobs were both for gaming companies, so I guess I'm officially a "gaming artist".  Who knew?  It's only been a lifelong goal after all...

Back in the day, I used to publish cartoons in Dragon Magazine fairly regularly-- but I wasn't actually interested in being a gag cartoonist.  No, it was all a ploy to make myself familiar to Art Director Larry Smith. My brilliant strategy was to feed him cartoons as I worked tirelessly on my black-and-white illustration portfolio.  When I felt it was good enough I would fire it off to Larry, who would be an "old pal" by then.  And it worked! 

Larry accepted the first black-and-white portfolio I sent him, to keep on file for possible illustration assignments.  He also informed me that starting with the very next issue of Dragon, the inside illustrations of Dragon Magazine would be Full Color.

I think Larry was probably a better gag writer than me. 

My third children's book is finally out-- and this one's a little different!  "SCADA and Me: A Book for Children and Management", is written by Robert M. Lee, a U.S. Air Force Cyberspace Operations Officer, Adjunct Professor at Utica College, and Director and Founder of the non-profit educational organization hackINT. 

 You can find the book on Amazon at…


I'm pretty excited about this venture into educational children's books but that doesn't mean I'll be abandoning fantasy/adventure work!


And beer labels.  Mustn't forget the beer labels. 

Working on a series of a dozen illustrations for short fiction-vignettes, and I decided to post the first five even though I may well be redoing them.  I'm using this job as a chance to experiment with Photoshopped dot-screens, like old timey Zipatone work.  Haven't quite got it down yet-- the print versions aren't quite up to snuff.  You have to be carefull about moire patterns.  You get those on screen too of course, depending on the size you view the image at.  Makes you wonder why I'm even bothering, eh?  I may well chuck that whole approach and switch to litho crayon on coquile paper, another old-fashioned medium that has given me good results in the past.  Cheers!
Okay, so I don't write journal entries very often.  Making beer labels lately and did a series of train car pictures for a train park near Chicago.  And a theatre poster for a murder-mystery comedy being performed in London.  That's about it.
My second children's book, "Monsters Out of Time" is available at e-store here--

It's another Brodie & Caitlin adventure, with the dynamic siblings hurled back in time by an amateur scientist.

The first book, "The Adventures of Brodie & Caitlin", is available here--

Working on a theatre poster now for "Holka Polka", by Doug Bocaz-Larson.  doug won an Emmy last year for his short documentary "Saving Lives in World War II".
Hi Everyone,
My first children's book, "The Adventures of Brodie & Caitlin" is availabe now from Createspace for $12 plus shipping.

Hope to have a second book available in a matter of days, "Monsters Out of Time", which is another Brodie & Catilin book.

My thanks to anyone who takes a look at them.  All feedback welcome.

How did that happen?!  Been building and painting sets for a local theatre group, and doing the promotional art.  This week I've got to paint a gigantic 10X20 foot backdrop fantasy landscape with castle.  Think I'll be using a roller for that one.  Should be fun.
Working on a Haunted House for next week-- who knows, maybe I'll post pictures.

Meanwhile, I've posted three of my old comic shorts in my gallery-- replacing old work there so they didn't show as new work. I've pasted all the pages together so you can read the complete strips as one page.

The first two here I wrote and inked-- my good friend Eric D. Burza stepped in and did an exemplary job pencilling them.
"Oh Gord!" is a Conan the Barbarian parody that runs five pages.
Oh Gord by Ironear

"Bobby Sprocket, Space Teen" is the antithesis of all the "boy genius" stories:  Bobby is a complete moron.  Runs 6 pages.
Space Teen by Ironear

"Beach Party Zombie" is the third of my "Jim the Zombie" stories, where an amiable zombie visits a different story genre with each strip.  It runs six pages.
Beach Party Zombie by Ironear

If you take the time to ready any of them and like them, let me know-- I can use all the motivation I can get to do some more!